Digital Marketing Internships

Our digital marketing internships allow you the opportunity to jump straight into an active, exciting & quickly growing company. Our Unpaid Internships will last a minimum of 6 weeks, at which point we will evaluate you for possible full or part-time paid opportunities (if desired). Go Big L.A. will write Letters of Recommendation for all interns who successfully complete their 6 weeks training & service programs.

  • SEO Copywriter – Please list prior SEO experience and any past rankings results achieved. You will receive training from an SEO expert to improve your knowledge of this essential marketing skill.
  • Social Media – Seeking Social Media Rockstars with experience & innovation using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & LinkedIn.
  • Branding / Graphic Design – Must be proficient in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. Seeking creative supernovas for content creation & branding.
  • Project Manager – Manage customer accounts & delegate responsibility.
  • Website & App Development – We are always looking for new programmers. Show us your skills.
  • Brand Ambassadors – If you have a significant following on Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Facebook or Twitter, we may be interested in working with you as a key influencer.
  • Street Team – Looking for ambitious guerilla marketers.
  • Sales & Lead Generation – If you’re a a sales zealot, let’s talk shop. This can quickly grow into a very lucrative career.
  • Video Production & Editing – Whether you live to shoot or edit video, Go Big L.A. has many opportunities.
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